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Watch Steve Kean's press conference after Wigan defeat saw Blackburn relegated; "I want to stay" pleads Rovers boss

Michael Landon     on 08 May 3:44 pm     Football     779   0  

Blackburn boss Steve Kean vowed to bounce back as his team were relegated from the Premier League following a 1-0 defeat to Wigan at Ewood park.

The Scot, who has withstood protests throughout Rovers' miserable season, wants to stay on despite the vitriol and is convinced controversial owners Venky's will continue to back him.

Kean said: "I will sit down with the owners and discuss a plan on how to assemble a squad to help us bounce back up straight away. We need to try to keep the majority of the squad together and add one or two experienced players that can help us, so from the first game of the season we are ready to bounce back and make sure we are in the division we should be in."

He added: "It is difficult to put into words what the atmosphere is like in the dressing room. A few things were thrown our way in the media last week, questioning our attitude, but I felt tonight we gave it a real good go. The disappointing thing is we couldn't take it to the last game."

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