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Twitter celebrates social media sport in 2012

Barnaby Read     on 11 Dec 2:52 pm     Other Sports     603   0   1  

Twitter UK's blog - - today paid homage to the year 2012's greatest sporting achievements on the micro-blogging social network, charting four categories across a number of sectors that look at those tweets that made substantial impacts on the site. Sport obviously featured and made up seven of the top ten "Highest Spikes in Twitter Conversation" over the past year with the Olympics predictably topping the chart and featuring another two times while Euro 2012 also made the list on three separate occasions and Cristiano Ronaldo's goal against Manchester City in September rounding off the list.

Twitter has become a reliable source of information within sport when following verified, official accounts so it is little surprise that some of the year's biggest stories were broken on Twitter as often as they are discussed. Twitter UK give special mention to Eden Hazard's announcement of his move to Chelsea in the summer in the "Only on Twitter" section alongside the 700,000+ #PrayforMuamba tweets, Rio Ferdinand and Usain Bolt discussing a Manchester United trial for the Jamaican sprinter and the managerial merry-go-round that saw Chelsea and QPR announce sackings and appointments via their official accounts.

Rather surprisingly the #Paralympics led the "Top Trends" in sport this year, making it the most frequently trending topic in the UK in terms of sport ahead of #LFC in second and #MUFC and the Olympics in third and fourth respectively. Liverpool and Arsenal are the only clubs to feature twice on the list while football makes up for seven of the ten trends.

Finally, Twitter look at the "New Voices" to join the 10 million active users of the "global town square", that the blog describes the platform as, in the UK. The list gives mention to the biggest names in sport to have signed up over the last 12 months including @garethbale11, @therealac3, @realdeniselewis and @GaryLinekar.

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