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Trickshot goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen hits back at critics

The YouTube sensation Lassi Hurskainen has hit back at critics, including Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler and England hero Geoff Hurst who have said that his trick shots are fake.

The 25 year old, who is goalkeeper for Finnish second division side Jippo has created a series of YouTube videos showing him making amazing trick shots, including hitting the crossbar from the half way line. In the video, on YouTube he tells a friend that the Ronaldinho crossbar shots video is faked, as well as the Beckham shooting balls into a trash can video. Both videos can be seen here - &

As he attempts to kick a knock a can into a bin, from 25 yards out he tells fellow trick shot master Remi Gaillard that he will challenge him, “anytime, any place, anywhere.” then perfectly hits the ball, knocking the can into the bin.

Lassi’s videos have been a viral hit online with over 8 million views and 6,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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