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QPR's Korean Twitter account: A week on

Queens Park Rangers have expanded their official Twitter account by creating an account for their fans in Korea. The account @OfficialQPR_KR was launched last week and has received nearly 3,500 followers. They announced the account with a video featuring their two Korean stars Park Ji-sung and recent acquisition Yun Suk-Young.

By reaching out this way to their Korean fans, they can interact with their Korean following which has grown thanks to the profile of the Premier League in the country and QPR's two Korean stars. The London club can tap into this Korean market, ensuring a large presence of QPR support and will surely see the club visit for a pre-season tour in the near future which will ultimately help the club financially.

QPR have recently reached over 100,000 followers on their @OfficialQPR account and with almost 200,000 Facebook fans, adding to their AirAsia Player of the month Facebook app which has seen over 250,000 predominantly Asian fans voting for the award in December last year.

The content of the new twitter account will be the same as for the official QPR one with, breaking news, regular updates and behind-the-scenes footage for fans that count Korean as their native language, helping to bring them closer to the club on a daily basis, confirmed by the club’s press release.

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