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Policeman strikes Belgrano player with truncheon during unrest in Argentina

Argentinian football is notorious for its high temperatures both on and off the pitch. This weekend showed what happens when the two combine, as a policeman struck a player with a truncheon during a melee in Rosario, Argentina.

With home side Newell’s Old Boys leading 1-0 against visitors Belgrano and the game drawing to a close, the away supporters reportedly began to throw missiles at the home fans. With police moving in to disperse them – using truncheons and rubber bullets – the Belgrano players are shown going to that corner of the ground, apparently to calm down their supporters. What ensued, however, was a scrap between the police and the players, resulting in defender Gastón Turus being hit in the face with a truncheon.

Turus was left with a deep cut to his eye, and said later, “The cop hit me with his truncheon.” Meanwhile Belgrano issued a statement demanding not only the police but also the government look at policing at matches in Santa Fe province.

As with most videos of this nature, it has gone viral. It already has almost 20,000 views on YouTube, with that number growing steadily, as well as being widely shared and viewed on Twitter. "Gaston Turus" was also trending on Twitter.

The virality of the video and the apparently unnecessary actions of the policeman could lead to punishment for the policeman…or so you would think. Turus was apparently unable to report the incident at a police station, as the policeman in question had already reported him for assault!

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