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PGA Tour stars return in Golf Boys 2.Oh

PGA stars Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan have teamed up to make a music video for Charity. The video, entitled Golf Boys – 2.oh has been made to help the charity charity: water to enable those, in developing countries to have clean water.

The video, shows the “four hopelessly tone-def and rhythm deprived golfers” rapping over a bass track about their golf course antics and their attempts to make anything rhyme, including their names. It’s not the first time that the four have teamed up to help the charity, in 2011 they teamed up to make the video Golf Boys – Oh Oh Oh which was a huge hit online with over 5.8m views on YouTube and raised thousands for charity. If the first video is anything to go by then the second video by the foursome will be a huge hit, with almost 500,000 views on YouTube within the last day.

The four stars have been promoting the video on Twitter and with a combined following of over 1.5m, the four have been tweeting about the video, with @BubbaWatson tweeting; “Presenting Golf Boys “2.Oh” featuring @bubbawatson, @huntermahan & @RickieFowlerPGA” along with a link to the video. With Fowler, Crane and Mahan tweeting about the video too, the tweets have seen over 6,000 retweets on the site and the four trending worldwide yesterday.

Fowler spoke to the Golf Channel about the video, saying; “Same group, but with a different flair. You’re going to see some different outfits – including Bubba’s hairy-chested overalls look – and it’s going to be interesting. We’re far from professional, we’re just big goof-offs in the studio shooting it and we’re all having fun.”

The media have been quick to react too, with the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror featuring the video on their websites and such media coverage will help the cause, with 100% of the profits going direct to the charity.

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