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Mercedes Benz hope to Bring Urban Golf to the Mainstream

David James     on 17 Jul 4:57 pm     Other Sports     197   0  

‘Anyone up for some urban golf?’- Erik Montoya (@Errraakk)

The Open sponsors Mercedes Benz have put their weight behind a new variation of the PGA classic, Urban Golf.

Urban golf is a game that can be played on the streets, in a park, or in fact in any open space the player wants.

Mercedes hope to push Urban Golf into the mainstream with their new application ‘City Golf,’ which requires the player to swing their phone like an actual golf club to play.

This can be done by using a simple mobile phone application which allows the player to simulate a hole in whatever environment they happen to be in.

The application which is available in Apples’ app store, comes with 27 different holes.

Not everyone is a fan though:’ Turns out urban golf is not my game. *surprise*’ – Naomi Colthurst (@NaomiColthurst).

Still not convinced, check out the video above to see a feature about Urban Golf, though just imagine using a phone instead of a club.

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