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Manchester United 'Most popular' team in the world

Oscar Chamberlain     on 29 May 7:07 pm     Football     251   0   1  

It's official Manchester United are the most popular team in the world according to a survey that shows they have over 659 million fans worldwide.

The survey shows they have doubled their fan base in just five years, and is designed to demonstrate the commercia push that have driven the clubs financial success since the Glazer's took charge of the club.

The increase of 98% on the last comparable survey in 2007 dwarfs that of all other clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona and adds to the Forbes statistic that they're the richest sports club in the world.

The work doesn't stop there though for the club who aim to branch out into a number of other markets in the coming years with the club embarking on a tour of South Africa and China.

The potential signing of Shinji Kagawa would also add to this push as the Japanese playmaker would make a fortune for the club through shirt sales in Asia, much like the financial success Park Ji Sung has brought.

Commercial deals with Nike and Aon are also up for renewal in 2014, as are the Premier League overseas TV rights, with all three deals set to significantly improve upon there currently financial tender.

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