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Liam Gallagher gatecrashes press conference after Manchester City's derby win over Manchester United

Michael Landon     on 01 May 10:16 am     Football     385   0  

A jubilant Liam Gallagher stormed Manchester City's press conference last night after their tense derby win over United, exclaiming, "Top of the league? How about that?"

The ex-Oasis singer and City fan then took a tongue-in-cheek swipe at United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Addressing a room of reporters, he said:

"Fergie? On the whiskey too much!"

The funny cameo followed a tense 1-0 victory for Roberto Mancini's side, which put them in pole position to win the Premier League title as they now top the table on goal difference.

The pop star had been the guest of City captain Vincent Kompany, who scored the game's only goal.

"He invited me to his box, scored a blinder. His family's mega, his sister's cool. Nice one bro'. Vive le Belgium." he said.

Before the game, Gallagher predicted a City victory would see them lifting the Premier League trophy in a couple of weeks.

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