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Gordon Ramsey hospitalized after Teddy Sheringham tackle in Soccer Aid charity match

Hassan Izzo     on 28 May 11:25 am     Football     2,221   1  

Gordon Ramsay was stretchered off yesterday as the Soccer Aid match between England and the Rest of the World charity match turned nasty.

The TV chef, who once played for Rangers, went down under a full blooded, or just plain clumsy challenge from former England star Teddy Sheringham, who then playfully slapped him as he lay on the ground.

The Kitchen Nightmares star, 45, had to be given oxygen and was taken to hospital for a check-up.

Twitter was awash with customary humour to seeing Ramsey 'get served.'

Ronnie Joice tweeted 'Soccer Aid 2013: Raising money to help Gordon Ramsay walk again. #socceraid'

Whilst Seb Patrick tweeted the quite hilarious 'Teddy Sheringham's diary: "27th May. Killed Gordon Ramsay. Scored a goal. Good day."'

Not everyone saw the funny side though, with Gary Mowatt tweeting 'Sheringham should b embarrassed this morning, that tackle on Gordon Ramsey was a shocker. really as an ex-pro he knew what he was doing.'

The video of Ramsey getting injured has already attracted nearly 200,000 views, more then the number of people who watched the video of the highlights of the actual match, in which Robbie Williams' England side beat a team of Hollywood A-listers and football legends 3-1 in the fourth Soccer Aid at Manchester's Old Trafford stadium.

Two teams of celebrities, including Hollywood actors Will Ferrell, Edward Norton and Michael Sheen, clashed in Sunday's game which raised more than £4 million for Unicef.

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Teddy better check his food next time he's in a Gordon restaurant ....
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