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Google + hangout with Cricket stars, is this the future of broadcasting?

Former Australian spin bowler Stuart MacGill, and Barbadian bowler Corey Collymore hosted a live Google + hangout via the Cricket Club YouTube channel this morning.

The chat, which saw discussion based on the Australian cricket team and how they are currently playing, as well as the discussion on the future of the Australian cricket team with guests such as the former Australian bowler Damien Martyn and former Indian batsman Aakash Chopra.

The hangout also included discussion of the test between India and Australia, with Australia collapsing in spectacular style, losing eight wickets for just 57 runs.

The Cricket Club Google + page has over 79,000 fans and with presenters and guests such as those on the hangout this morning, they can expect good viewing figures. Host MacGill tweeted about the hangout to his 5000 followers from his @scgmacgill account saying; “Hangout at The Cricket Club in just over 4 hours with @cricketaakash, corey collymore & their new aussie mates!” Chopra also tweeted about the event to his 143,000 followers.

This rise of Google + hangouts, with both Barcelona and Manchester United hosting live chats with players and could this type of broadcasting be the future? It’s certainly cheap to produce, with participants simply needing a stable internet connection and a microphone. Of course, the participants would probably be paid but the Cricket Club did mention that their participants were taking place free of charge. Rather than companies paying for an expensive studio, then the wages of their staff, they can use this reliable method of broadcasting and save money.

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