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Dan Sileo loses his cool after defeat

DannyTill     on 14 Sep 9:28 am     NFL     327   0  

Florida radio host and former Miami Hurricanes defensive lineman Dan Sileo pulled no punches as he laid into his former college team after an embarrassing 52-13 defeat at the hands of Kansas State.

Sileo now covers the 'Canes matches for 560 WQAM in Miami and was outraged by the performance of his side, particularly the players in his old position. But Sileo is no stranger to controversy, he was a part of a 'Canes side which in 1986 was voted the most hated American sports team of all-time by Sports Illustrated magazine. He was also fired from a previous radio station for making racist comments about a group of Tampa Bay Buccaneers players.

The video already has over 18,000 views on YouTube and has become a hot topic on Twitter, but not all the reaction has been negative. @b_lentz80 commented "Dan Sileo's rant was probably justified. The U really isn't the same anymore. As for language, probably nicer words could've been used."

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