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British Boxing Board of control condemns Haye-Chisora fight

Hassan Izzo     on 09 May 7:45 pm     Boxing     523   0  

The British Boxing Board of Control condemned the contest between Dereck Chisora and David Haye set for Upton Park on July 14 in the strongest possible terms on Wednesday night, threatening that any licence holders involved have "deemed to terminate their membership" of the board.

This followed an impassioned plea from Frank Warren at the official press conference to mark the fight (which can be seen in full above), in which he defended the right of the fight to go ahead, calling it the biggest British fight this century and defending Dereck Chisora, saying he is well within his rights to earn a living, despite the controversy surrounding the fighter ever since the build-up to his fight with Vitali Klitschko and subsequent brawl with David Haye in Munich.

Such is the bad blood between the fighters that Haye, who had said he would only come out of retirement to fight Vitali, has subsequently gone back on that.

The British Boxing Board of Control released a lengthy statement though and made their feelings perfectly clear, saying,

"It has come to the attention of the stewards of the BBBC that the Luxembourg Boxing Federation is considering putting on a promotion within the jurisdiction of the Board between Chisora and Haye. The stewards condemn any attempt by the LBF to do so.

"Chisora has recently had his licence withdrawn by the stewards of the BBBC on the grounds that he is not a fit and proper person to hold a boxer’s licence. Haye does not hold a boxer’s licence with the BBBC. If he applied for a licence his fitness to hold it would have to be considered, particularly in light of the part he played in what occurred at the press conference held subsequent to the Vitali Klitschko v Chisora contest.

"Those behind this proposal are not concerned with the interests of the sport of professional boxing. Any member who participates in such a promotion would bring the sport of boxing into disrepute and would wholly undermine the authority of the BBBC, of which he is a member, as the regulatory body for professional boxing in the United Kingdom.

"This is nothing more than an attempt to circumvent the decision of the stewards of the BBBC, in respect of Chisora, for monetary gain. Chisora’s proper remedy is by way of appeal to the independent stewards of appeal, which is due to take place on July 2, 2012."

"The BBBControl has controlled and regulated professional boxing in the UK since 1929. Its primary concern is the safety of the boxer and its regulations have been developed and implemented accordingly. It has also ensured that the rules of boxing are enforced to the highest standard. Its reputation as a regulatory body is second to none within the wider boxing world. It can only act effectively with the consent and support of its members."

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