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Blackburn manager Steve Kean caught on video as he calls Sam Allardyce a "crook"

James Hendry     on 15 May 10:23 am     Football     926   0   2  

With social media ever developing, surely the last thing a Premier League manager would do is lambast his predecessor, criticise the way he works and then make ludicrous expectations for the upcoming season on video?

Well, Steve Kean has this to add to his list of misdemeanours following a disappointing few weeks that have seen the Blackburn Rovers boss relegate the side in 19th position.

The four-minute video that was circulated via YouTube and Twitter last night has caused quite a stir in the football world, as the video shows the Rovers manager referring to former boss Sam Allardyce as a “crook” after he was replaced by Kean in 2010.

As well as going on to say how he seemingly discovered now-Manchester United defender Phil Jones as “better than John Terry”, Kean will certainly be left red faced by the video titled “Steve kean more lies slating Sam Allardyce.”

Reported to have been filmed during the club’s tour of the Far East last summer, Kean goes on to predict that the North-West club would finish in the top 10 of the Premier League, as well as winning the Carling Cup.

In reality, Blackburn had an awful season that saw them finish 19th in the league and ultimately relegated to spend a season in the nPower Championship, as Sam Allardyce's West Ham could replace them as they take on Blackpool in this weekend's play-off final.

Blackburn Rovers are yet to respond to the video that could finally see the end of Kean’s reign at the club.

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