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Beer bottle thrower at 100m final gets Bosch-ed

Barnaby Read     on 06 Aug 11:32 am     Olympics     405   0  

Footage above caught on video by a fan and posted to YouTube by Jenna Meyer at the Olympic Park last night captures the moment before the 100m final where a man threw a beer bottle on to the track towards the athletes at the start line.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that a man was arrested after shouting abuse towards the runners before throwing a bottle onto the track. In a further twist, Holland's world judo champion Edith Bosch took to Twitter to claim that she had 'beaten' the man after the incident. Writing from her Twitter handle @edithbosch she tweeted, "A drunken spectator threw a bottle onto the track! I HAVE BEATEN HIM .... unbelievable" as translated by the London Evening Standard.

Bosch was later interviewed by Dutch TV station NOS TV and said, "I had seen the man walking around earlier and said to people around me that he was a peculiar bloke. Then he threw that bottle and in my emotion I hit him on the back with the flat of my hand. Then he was scooped up by the security. However, he did make me miss the final, and I am very sad about that. I just cannot understand how someone can do something like that."

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