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Beckham hit with one game ban for "provocative behaviour" following San Jose brawl

Will Rivers     on 06 Jul 10:24 am     Football     284   0  

England legend David Beckham has been hit with a ban and a fine by the MLS following a showing of “confrontational and provocative behaviour” in LA Galaxy’s recent clash with San Jose Earthquakes.

Beckham was involved in a scuffle during the match on Saturday after kicking the ball at San Jose’s Sam Cronin while he was on the ground.

It went from bad to worse for Becks. His side went on to lose the game 4-3 and the scuffle went on after the full time whistle with tempers flaring and the situation threatening to get out of hand.

An MLS statement said: "The committee considered his conduct unacceptable and detrimental to the league's public image.

"Beckham will serve his suspension on Sunday when the Galaxy take on the Chicago Fire."

The ban comes as a double whammy for Becks after being left out of the Team GB Olympic football squad for the London 2012 games.

Beckham’s flash of temper has attracted lots of attention on Twitter after fans saw a glimpse on the behaviour that regularly caused him trouble in his Manchester United days.

“Ok putting this out there. Balotelli has been criticised several media people for petulance last night. Is this worse?” Andy MacNab tweeted.

“Lool David beckham still has that east London temper I see what good accuracy though” tweeted an amused Kay Masila.

Meanwhile, Steven Parry attempted to come up with a reason why Beckham lost his temper in such a way: “Just seen the full video of David beckham taking on the earthquakes, temper! temper! Maby it's the @Joey7Barton haircut and tash #GoOnBecks”

“Super Dave” has become a great ambassador of sport in the last few years, causing many to see him as a lover not a fighter. But Becks has previous with his infamous temper rearing its ugly head on several occasions during his glittering career.

1. Becks vs. Diego Simeone

From hero to zero. Beckham shot to fame in his first world cup in 1998 but threatened to ruin everything by kicking out at Argentina’s Simeone. Admittedly, Simeone fell down like a sack of spuds but camera’s show that Beckham clearly did the dirty deed. Woops.

2. Becks vs. Chivas

Beckham loses it after being on the end of a bad tackle. Despite what the commentators say in this video clip the Becks touch paper is well and truly lit here until his team-mates rush in to talk some sense into him.

3. Becks vs. Peter Vagenas’s shins

The Galaxy star is giving his marching orders here after a potential leg breaking challenge on Seattle Sounders player Peter Vagenas. Like they say in the US: “that’s gotta hurt.”

4. Becks vs. LA Galaxy fans

Fans react angrily to Beckham’s return from his loan spell at AC Milan, labelling him a traitor. Becks won’t stand for it, marching towards the thousands of angry Galaxy fans. Luckily for the former England star he was unable to get his ageing legs over an advertising board which quite possibly saved him from a sticky situation.

5. Becks vs. Under 7s match referee

Becks has the pushy parent role down to a tee here. He is ejected from an under 7s match as his son Romeo was shown a red card, sparking another angry reaction from the proud father. Maybe Romeo was just trying to emulate his Dad!

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