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Anchorfan London 2012 Social News Bulletin - Episode 14

Anchorfan News     on 09 Aug 6:05 pm     Olympics     313   0  

Your host for episode 14 is once again David Windsor who will take you through the top five social news stories making a splash at London 2012 on day 13 of the action. Tonight's bulletin features a golden British couple, a meteoric brotherly British rise, a German gold medallist sleeping rough, a half naked athlete and yet another team mime to a pop classic.

With the 200m final set to rock the crowds this evening we also bring to you a feature including fan expectation and hopes for this evening's big race as well as their thoughts on the women's 10k swimming marathon that took place today.

Our top five social news stories:

5 - Gold medallist Robert Harting refused entrance to Olympic Village after accreditation robbery;

4 - Great Britain's women's football team perform S Club classic;

3 - British triathlon heroes, the Brownlee brothers, in Twitter war;

2 - Robbie Grabarz poses with Bronze Medal, Union Jack and not much else...;

1 - New British sweetheart Laura Trott admits she is dating fellow cyclist Jason Kenny;

To finish off we introduce our exclusive feature from the 10k women's swimming marathon which also gauges London 2012 fans' hopes for the big 200m race this evening;

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