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Anchorfan London 2012 Social News Bulletin - Episode 13

Anchorfan News     on 08 Aug 6:25 pm     Olympics     332   0  

Prepare to be Windsor-ed as our anchor David Windsor takes you through the top-5 social news stories on day 12 of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Tonight's episode features Boris Johnson dangling from Usain Bolt's finger, a bronze medallist denying erection claims, Claire Balding correcting the tabloids, miserable Morrissey and an inspiring shot of Oscar Pistorius and a young athletic prodigy.

We also introduce an interview with the Daily Mirror's David Anderson on Team GB's boxers ahead of five guaranteed medals (possibly six) at the conclusion of the Olympic boxing event this weekend.

Our top-5 news stories:

5 - Rowing bronze medallist Henrik Rummel denies over excitement on podium;

4 - Oscar Pistorius is the man to truly inspire a generation of both Olympians and Paralympians;

3 - #DangleBoris becomes a hit on Twitter with series of Photoshopped pictures of the Mayor of London in compromising positions;

2 - Morrissey hits out at 'foul patriotism' during Olympics;

1 - Daily Star, Express and Mirror go Dutch when posting Britain's Olympic golds;

Our Anchorfan exclusive can be found via the following link where our reporter James Ware caught up with David Anderson outside the Excel Arena this afternoon;

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