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Anchorfan - Guide

Anchorfan News     on 02 May 1:30 pm    

Anchorfan™ is for ...

1. Sport, and only sport.

2. Sports fan news. We want stories from behind the scenes, sharing the day-to-day lives of people involved in sport, and learning about the sporting issues that matter to you.

3. All sports fans. Professional or amateur players, athletes, teams, federations, media, general movers and shakers, and of course fans at large.

4. Searching for sports news from people or organisations you’re interested in - all in real time.

5. Publishing sports news through your own media toolkit of articles, events, images, videos and more. If it matters to you, it matters to us, so start publishing.

6. Sharing all of your published news or other posts on the site through the latest social and general sharing tools.

7. Organising how you view your sports news. Simple search, publishing and sharing tools makes Anchorfan the easiest service to navigate and select your favourite sports news, all from one place.

8. Respecting your fellow Anchorfan teammates and all the content you publish (make sure you have the legal right to do so - refer to Terms and Conditions and Privacy for further detailed information).

9. Entertainment. We want you to spend time within the Anchorfan community because you feel involved, and you know you’ll be entertained.

10. You, the sports fan. Enjoy!

Site Terms

Fan-Pro: User is a sport professional.
Fan-Brand: User is a commercial brand within sport.

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