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Anchorfan - Welcome

Anchorfan News     on 02 May 1:29 pm    

​Every day millions of people across the world are actively involved in sport, and all of them play a part in creating stories we love to know about.

Whether it’s the very top of professional sport or the amateur grass roots level, whether it’s on the sports field, the terraces or the couch at home, there’s always an entertaining sports story to be told.

Anchorfan™ is the place to search, publish and share such sports fan news. We’re a media service open to any sports fan, so your opinion and experiences will always be published (so long as you respect the house Terms and Conditions!).

Our team is a mix of sports, media and digital specialists, all of whom believe that through Anchorfan we can make sports media more inclusive, interactive and entertaining than ever before.

Welcome to Anchorfan, and start searching, publishing and sharing your sports news today!

Anchorfan Team

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