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The Premier League’s guidelines for player use of social media

Dirty Tackle     on 25 Jul 6:00 am     Football     292   0  


As incidents of players getting in trouble for comments made on Twitter continue to occur, the Premier League has decided to issue a set of guidelines that "set out clear direction to players on the use of social media." It took several months to compile the guidelines and included the input of The FA and PFA. The Premier League's official website explains them like so:

Advice is offered on the endorsement of brands, goods and services, while confidential information about team selection, injuries or tactics is prohibited from being disclosed on social media.

Also outlined is The FA regulatory role in respect of disciplinary action that can be taken against players who make improper comments on social media websites.

Though the specifics of the guidelines haven't been made publicly available (yet), DT has obtained a copy of what could be the new Premier League document in full. Here it is:

Official Premier League Guidelines on Social Media Use

Don't say anything. Seriously. Just don't. Anything you do say on social media will be: misinterpreted, over scrutinized, held against you in a court of law and, above all, incredibly stupid. So just don't say anything.

If you are found guilty of saying anything on social media sites, the Premier League will punish you by making you sit in a room with Joey Barton for an hour after he has been told that your opinion of Nietzsche differs from his.

And if you're found guilty of responding to anything Piers Morgan says on Twitter, you will literally be tied to a rocket and blasted into the sun. The end.

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