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Women represent Saudi Arabia in an Olympic games for the first time

David James     on 08 Aug 4:20 pm     Olympics     613   0  

Source: Huffington Post

This summer Sarah Attar and Judokan Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani became the first ever women to represent Saudi Arabia at an Olympic games.

Attar finished last in the eighth heat of the women’s 800 metres with a time of 2.44.95 minutes, while Shahrkhani competed in the Judo.

Attar said about her participation: ‘It is such an honour to be representing Saudi Arabia. Hopefully this can make such a huge difference.’

‘It was such a unique opportunity, they invited me and welcomed me and to make that first step for women is just the most amazing feeling ever.’

Female rights supporter Nabila Ramdani (@NabilaRamdani) had this to say :‘Sarah #Attar featuring in #Olympics is pure PR sheen to give impression #Saudi's advancing women condition abroad while situ worsens at home.’

Irfan Master (@Irfan_Master) is proud:’ Shout out to Sarah Attar, first woman from Saudi Arabia to compete in any Olympics.’

Andrew Jerell Jones (@sluggahjells) is proud:’ BTW folks, Sarah Attar official time was 2:44:95, which is better than a lot of people at home. And a PLATINUM medal in our hearts.’

Musa Okwonga (@okwonga) is proud: ‘Sport is not a panacea, rarely is it a solution, but it can be a catalyst. The efforts of Sarah Attar are in that tradition #London2012.’

Omair Taibah (@amrush) is proud of the crowd:’ The standing ovation given to Sarah Attar by the crowd is worth of a medal.. As they cheered equally to the likes of Bolt and Isinbayeva!’

Eilidh Barbour (@EilidhBarbour) is seeing the bigger picture:’ Great scenes as Saudi Arabia's Sarah Attar crosses the line. Huge day for her and for women's sport. Sometimes it's about more than medals.’

Unlike the other Arab nations that competed in the games, the two women were allowed to walk with their male team mates during the opening ceremony, making that one step in the right direction for gendar equality for the region.

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