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Vauxhall own goal as workers banned from watching Euro 2012

Ashley Lambell     on 14 Jun 12:45 pm     Football     350   0  

Source: Google

In another crazy tale of health and safety, workers of Vauxhall, the sponsor of the England football team, have been banned from watching England’s matches whilst they work.

Managers at Vauxhall factories around the country are not letting their staff watch England’s group stage matches as it would ‘breach strict health and safety regulations’.

Angry workers were not able to watch the 1-1 draw against France on Monday and only found out the result when they left work later that evening.

The decision has prompted angry responses on Twitter from people all around the UK who can’t understand why the team’s main sponsor won’t let their own workers watch their nation’s matches.

“Volkswagen bosses in Poland let factory staff down tools to watch Russia game. “Mood and loyalty of our employees key." Vauxhall take note!” - @steve_hawkes

“England footy sponsor Vauxhall bans workers from watching Euro 2012 matches. Now that's what I call an own goal!” - @clintonmanning

“Massive PR gaffe by Vauxhall: loads of patriotic tubthumping with their sponsorship of England but its own workers not allowed to watch.” - @normanmonkey

Is this a sensible idea from Vauxhall that prevents workers from hurting themselves or is it health and safety gone mad?

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