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Top 10 Facebook photos of Team USA Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte

Barnaby Read     on 03 Aug 3:49 pm     Olympics     620   0  


Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte is the heir apparent to Michael Phelps as the golden boy of US swimming but things haven't quite gone all his way during London 2012 with Phelps seemingly reluctant to bow out of the sport without further extending his record haul of medals and delaying Lochte's moment in the sun. Lochte, however, has the ability to further endear and baffle fans in equal amounts due to his never-dull interviewing skills ( as well as, Anchorfan can reveal, a wide selection of equally baffling Facebook photos.

Lochte, in a variety of candid snaps out and about on his travels, seems happy to snap himself at every opportunity whether it tongue out waving a wedge of dollars with bright-wide pupils, wearing his best Miami Vice all-white suit or just relaxing in his custom made Ryan Lochte shoes. The photos are another great insight into one of American swimming's greatest competitors but once more goes no further in defining Lochte as a person but only adding to the rather erratic range of personalities that he seems to display. Either way, he is swiftly becoming an Anchorfan favourite and we can only see us getting more drawn to the irreverent swimmer the more he contributes content like these amazing images to his social media sites.

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