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Tom Daley takes gold at the European Diving Championships

Joanne Roque     on 21 May 6:39 pm     Olympics     302   0  


Tom Daley won gold in the 10m platform, at the European Diving Championships and recorded a personal best.

Daley became European champion for the first time ahead of the Beijing Olympics aged just 13, the British diver achieved a mark of 565.05 in Holland repeating his 2008 success at the Eindhoven venue, and thinks the score will send a message to his Chinese rivals.

He told BBC sport, “Word will spread because it's quite a high score and they will start thinking about what they can do, It means so much to be European champion again with a personal best and I couldn't have asked for anything more,"

After winning gold, he posted a picture of himself with the medal on twitter, saying “Gold!!!! I am european champion again!!! Aaaah....and I'm 18 tomorrow!!! Aaaah!!!

The win was impressive given that the 18 year old has been hampered with a triceps injury

"Training hasn't been consistent for the last week or so which was a bit annoying, but going into the competition I just had to get myself into the right mind frame," said Daley.

"I did that and have to be pleased with how it's going at the moment."

With the London Olympics looming and the pressure of securing gold in home soil, Daley thinks his 2012 European success will increase people’s expectations.

"It will probably pile on a lot more pressure, but to be honest all I can do is my best and if that's not good enough there's not much I can do about it, But I'm going to try my utmost to try and get up on the podium."

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