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The last Bradford stats sheet?

Andy Wilson     on 29 Jun 7:56 pm     Rugby League     400   0  

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This is one small but trivial example of the way in which Bradford Bulls set the standards, on and off the field, in the early years of the Super League. From memory, they were the first club to provide a detailed statistical breakdown to the media before every fixture - and perhaps more impressively, they've kept it up, despite the playing and financial decline that has now reached its nadir with the very real danger that tonight's match at Wigan could be their last.

There are so many good people at Bradford, from Ryan Duckett and Stuart Duffy at the sharp end, through Mick Potter and his coaching and playing staff, to the supporters who have shown such loyalty - and received precious little reward - in recent months. A good few of them are here tonight, chanting in the stand across the pitch from the press box - in another indignity, they've not been given the usual visiting supporters area behind the posts, because Wigan are celebrating their heritage day. That raises an uncomfortable, unavoidable question - will the Bulls have anything more than their heritage to celebrate this time next week?

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