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Scott Tyler Clary live tweets his gold medal swim for viewers in the USA

David James     on 03 Aug 5:14 pm     Olympics     635   0  

Source: @tylerclary

American broadcaster NBC have taken a lot of stick for their decision not to show the Olympic games live, but one man has used the now infamous tape delay to his advantage.

Scott Tyler Clary who won gold in the men’s 200 metre backstroke yesterday decided to stay up till 3 am in the morning, so that he could live tweet his swim whilst it was being shown in the United States.

Clary called his tweeting ‘my narrative of what was happening leading up to my race and even after the race.’

Here are some of @TylerClary ‘s tweets below:

‘Well ok, at this point in coverage, I am getting finished warming up and I am doing pace. Feeling amazing in warmup!!!’

‘Right now I am completely in the zone, I have never felt so relaxed and prepared to fly!!!’

‘I see that I'm behind Ryan at the 100 but I am only thinking about building into the last 75.’

‘It still hasn't even processed in my head what happened today, so thankful for everyone in my life. I love you all!!!’

‘I'm really glad you guys enjoyed my narrative :) really fun idea Again, thank you all for being amazing. Good night :D.’

Being described as an innovator, Clary received a lot of love for his time bending tweets:

Matt Cunningham (@mattwcunningham) comments :’Gotta love @TylerClary live tweeting his gold medal race last night:’

Stephany James (@Stephany_Nicole) was loving the live tweeting: ‘@TylerClary love that you're still up with us here at home andtweeting live! Amazing race. Celebrate #Gold #London2012#TeamUSA.’

Mindy (@Songbird3411) is also a fan:’ @TylerClary Love the "live tweeting" of your gold medal swim tonight. Very fun! Congrats!’

T2Va (@T2Va) said: ‘Live-tweeting taped coverage.Strangely awesome. MT@TylerClary: getting finished warming up and am doing pace. Feeling amazing in warmup!’

Hopefully now there will be more athletes that will follow suit and try live tweeting their own events.

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