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Reaction to Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole's Choc Ice Gate Continues

David James     on 17 Jul 6:03 pm     Football     514   0  

Source: The Sun

Police have been called in to investigate the recent twitter comment, made by an unknown member of public, in a conversation with Rio Ferdinand, in which Ashley Cole was called a ‘Choc Ice.’

Reaction to Choc Ice Gate seems to be mixed amongst the public, with many people seeing this latest debacle as an overreaction, while others have taken offence to the comment.

But should being called a Choc Ice really be thought of as a rascist insult?

Reeve It Yeah (@JoshDWReeve) argues: ‘Say what you like "choc ice" is not a racist term, I could call my mate a 99 flake and probably get charged for it nowadays, absurd.’

Louis Hicks (@Louisrhicks) wonders where the line is:’ So it's okay to call someone a Black C***, but it's not okay to call another black person a choc ice?! Our country is mad.’

Alesha Pryce (@AleshaCharmine) seconds Louis saying: ‘So its ok to call someone a Black C*** but u can't call someone a choc-ice..its not the same! Seriously?!’

Others believe that the latest incident should be seen as nothing more than a bit of humour:

Whoregina (@itsge0rgina) laughs: ‘is it bad that I burst out laughing at Rio Ferdinand calling Ashley Cole a 'choc ice' omfg omfg.’

While Raghu (@RaghuChauhan) also sees the humour in it:‘Cole got called a 'choc-ice' LOLL That cracked me up.’

But Connor Jeffrey (Connor_Jeffrey1) disagrees and feels that Rio Ferdinand is a hypocrite in light of recent events involving his brother Anton and John Terry’s racism trial: ‘@rioferdy5 so your brother tried to get JT done for racism, now your calling ashley cole a 'choc ice'?’

While a slightly controversial view from crime fiction writer Ruth Dudley Edwards (@RuthDE): ‘If it's racist to say black, isn't choc ice more so since it suggests someone black is disloyal because they're too friendly with whites?’

Ashley Cole’s lawyers issued a statement on his behalf today stating that:

‘Ashley Cole wishes to make it clear that he and Rio Ferdinand are good friends and Ashley has no intention of making any sort of complaint.

‘Ashley appreciates that tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments.’

Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) also today defended his comment tweeting: ‘What I said yesterday is not a racist term. It's a type of slang used by many for someone who is being fake.’

Greater Manchester Police have regardless confirmed that they will be looking into the matter very seriously.

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