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Psychic Llama predicts England to win Euro 2012

Alex Urquhart Cannon     on 08 Jun 4:42 pm     Football     859   0  

Source: Google

A match-predicting llama with a history of correctly predicting the winners of some big football matches believes England will win Euro 2012.

'Nicholas' began his correct predictions when he guessed that Chelsea would beat Liverpool in last season's FA Cup final, followed by predicting that Chelsea would defeat Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

England fans will be hoping that Nicholas the llama continues to guess the right results; as he predicts that England will triumph against France and Sweden while being beaten by Ukraine, before making their way through to the final and winning the trophy.

Balls representing teams in each England match were placed on top of sticks, with Nicholas knocking off the ball representing which team he thought would win.

Against the odds of the bookmakers, Nicholas eventually chose England as the tournament winner.

The keeper of Nicholas at Ashdown Llama Park in East Sussex, Linda Johnson, told the Huffington Post: "At this point nothing would surprise us but I have to say his latest prediction did come as a bit of a shock.

"I think that most of the pundits have predicted England to beat Ukraine, but Nicholas isn't like most pundits. He's always had his own take on things and does things his own way.

"Here's hoping that he's right again and retains his 100% record, and that England go right through to the final."

Fans across the nation will hope Nicholas' guessing is as successful as that of Paul the octopus, who correctly predicted Germany's path through the World Cup in 2010.

Some England fans appear to be sceptical on Twitter about the llama's predictions, appearing to believe that it would be highly unlikely that he'll prove to be correct on this occasion.

Christopher Beanland (@ChrisBeanland) tweeted: "Biggest laugh of the day: Nicholas the Llama's duff prediction".

Only time will tell if Nicholas the llama can be held in the same regard as Paul the octopus.

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