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Police find body in search for Irish football fan James Nolan

Alex Urquhart Cannon     on 20 Jun 3:02 pm     Football     686   0  

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Polish police have recovered a body from a river when searching for Irish football fan James Nolan.

Personal documents belonging to Mr Nolan that have not been formally identified have been found on the body, as confirmed by a Polish prosecutor to state news agency PAP.

The 21-year old, who was last seen in the city of Bydgoszcz between 01:00 BST and 01:30 BST on Sunday morning, was in Poland with a group of ten friends for the Euro 2012 finals.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, prosecutor Len Bojarski said: "I can confirm that the body of a young man was pulled out of the river by divers.

"At the moment, we suspect that it is the missing Irish fan.

"There is a chance that the family will arrive in Poland later today and we will ask them to identify the body. Then we'll know for sure."

According to the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, it is likely to be Wednesday evening before the body is identified.

The body was found in the river by police divers, while friends of Mr Nolan provided detailed statements.

The group of friends had stopped in the city about 130km northeast of Poznan after travelling in a camper van from Gdansk to Poznan, Mr Nolan then became separated from the group.

Many on Twitter are assuming that it will certainly be the body of Mr Nolan that was found, with many tweets paying tribute to the young Irishman.

Michael Gibson (@Michael_Gippa) tweeted: "Rest in Peace James Nolan. it's devastating when a fan goes to support their team & never comes home."

Meanwhile, some others have taken to Twitter to express their disgust at how deaths occur amid footballing events.

Ashleigh Gibbs (@Ash_Gibbs) tweeted: "What has happened to James Nolan is absolutely disgusting, it sickens me to think that happened on a trip to a football match. #RIP"

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