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PFA Chief Gordon Taylor announces Premier League clubs to have the power to sack players for acts of racism

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In an interview with The Guardian, PFA Chief Gordon Taylor announced racist abuse will become a sackable offence for professional footballers next season, as crucial changes are being made to the contracts of Premier and Football League players.

Gordon Taylor, one of the influential figures of English football, is spearheading the contractual changes. Speaking to The Guardian, Taylor reiterated the decision to sack a player for racist abuse will be at the discretion of the footballer's employers. However, the PFA Chief Executive asserted that clubs that failed to exercise their new powers "could be held responsible for condoning [racism]".

Taylor added: "We're just about to bring it to the PFNCC, the body by which we bring the issues to the Premier League and Football League, and I don't see a problem with that being introduced."

"It just highlights the point in the standard players' contract. It would say that racist abuse, if found guilty, will be classed as gross misconduct and a reason to terminate a contract. I feel it's important to highlight it, bearing in mind what has happened, and not mess about with it and not afford for anybody to be ambiguous about what the consequences are."

"I'm not saying it's ambiguous [now]. But just to really put it in there means there is no misunderstanding on how serious we take it. If any player is found guilty of racist abuse, the club and the player need to be aware that could be a solid reason for terminating the contract."

In addition to the new proposals, Taylor revealed the PFA are working in conjunction with the League Mangers Association to bring in a new education programme for football professionals, offering training and advice on racism and discrimination in football.

"Rather than just concentrate on the young apprentices as part of their curriculum, we want to introduce it to all senior players, and also that when players come in from abroad, to try and have an educational process for them and the owners of the club and management."

"It will be part of the duty of [player liaison officers] introducing any player coming in from abroad to go through a list of things, particularly in the player's contract, where you see about racist abuse, code of conduct and what is expected in this country on racism and equality issues."

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