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Paralympians on twitter - follow 7 of the best to stay up-to-date for the remaining 50 days before London 2012's Paralympics kick off

Laurie Havelock     on 10 Jul 6:07 pm     Olympics     673   0  

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With an unbelievable 50 days left before this summer's Paralympics get underway, twitter is alive with support and discussion for all things paralympian. So that you can remain as well-read as anyone else in the run-up, we've compiled a list of the most avid, most dedicated and most entertaining Paralympic tweeters to keep you informed.

Steve Brown, Wheelchair Rugby (@SteveBrownGBWR)

Wheelchair Rugby is set to be one of the games' more spectacular sporting feasts, especially when considering it a sport without much coverage outside of Paralympic circles. Great British Wheelchair Rugby Team captain works tirelessly over twitter to promote and shed light on the sport he so clearly loves. Expect insight into the responsibilities and concerns of a Team GB captain, and enthusiastic appraisal of Wheelchair Rugby.

Choice tweet: "@ParalympicsGB Wheelchair rugby is a fast paced,aggressive and tactical sport.It's got something for every sports fan.Have a look yourself. "

Tom Aggar, Rowing (@TomAggar)

Tom Aggar is the model of paralympic prowess, and is the current World and Paralympic rowing champion after winning golds in Bled and Beijing respectively. He cuts a hulking figure in his profile picture, and regularly tweets about all types of rowing competition, including a recent appreciation for even the Henley Regatta. Aggar is also a proudly vocal member of Team GB, and makes several appearances to promote and highlight the good work done by Olympic endeavours for 2012.

Choice tweet: "Surprise knock at the door from @ukantidoping last night. Got me out of cooking dinner. Hoping for a repeat tonight... #100%me "

Will Bayley, Table Tennis (@WillBayleytt)

Number 1 ranked Table Tennis paralympian Will Bayley's twitter account belies a Londoner with a cheeky and, at times, risque sense of humour. The young athlete regales his followers with tales of good times with mates, watching football and sizing up potential lady-friends. Particular highlights include a series of videos posted from a Channel 4 documentary which slowly evolve into blind-date style dating invitations.

Choice tweet: "I really do hope Ronaldo has a small willy, Becouse he has everything else going for him!"

Lee Pearson, Equestrian/Dressage (@MrLeePearsonCBE)

Lee Pearson, recently made a Commander of the British Empire, mostly uses his twitter as a mirror for updates from other sites. The content he puts up, however, is often hilarious and always informative. The equestrian competitor updates sporadically, but as fever pitch for the games settles in should become a more and more frequent commenter as he prepares to best his 3-gold-medal haul from Beijing in 2008.

Choice tweet: "Did a photo shoot and interview for the gay "attitude" magazine !!! Maybe a bit to much flesh for the stables me..."

Daniel Greaves, Discus (@DiscusDan)

World-record breaking discus thrower Daniel Greaves presents a twitter account stuffed full of accounts of his training and competing, with insight-lending pictures and comment to bring any reader firmly into the world of an athlete at the peak of his powers. More excitingly, his frequent hob-knobbing opportunities are well-documented hear, including alarmingly frequent brushes with David Cameron.

Choice tweet: "Rocked up to training ready to beast some weights & had 2 move because the PM is visiting! Was going to see what Dave's bench was like!"

Ellie Simmonds, Swimming (@EllieSimmonds1)

Ellie Simmonds first gained swimming fame by appearing in Beijing as the youngest competing swimmer at the tender age of 13, and still managing to win 2 gold medals in freestyle events. Since then she has become the country's youngest MBE and, arguably more importantly, taken to twitter in a big way. She, like most of team GB's athletes, interacts with her co-paralympians regularly and can always be seen conversing with friends and followers alike.

Choice tweet: "I'm not much of a book reader but thanks to @GemmaAlmond who has got me addicted to Harry Potter books! ‪#missedout‬ ‪#turningintoafan"

Alexandra Bickham and Niki Birrell, Sailing (@TeamBR)

Sailing pair Alexandra Bickham and Niki Birrell have chosen to broadcast their tweets as they sail, as a team. The pair's tweets are familiar yet reveal a world of Olympic preparations alien to their readers with relative ease, and are often gently humorous, if only because the image of the pair sharing a dress is a persistent one.

Choice tweet: "going out on a bike ride with my 57 year old dad surly i will be fine why i am not convinced! enjoying a few days..."

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