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Paddy Power delight digital media with Torres poster outside Stamford Bridge

Source: Twitter/Paddy Power

Shameless bookmakers Paddy Power have poked fun at Chelsea striker Fernando Torres, by erecting a billboard directly across the road from Stamford Bridge.

The poster, has the caption; “Fernando, we’ve got an onion bag you can actually find. It’s in the burger van mate. Get your hair net on.” Chelsea are reportedly furious at the billboard, but they are powerless to act as it is not situated on Chelsea property.

The Chelsea star isn’t the only player to be targeted in their 2nd jobs for subs campaign. Arsenal forward Andrei Arsharvin has also been targeted, with a billboard outside the Emirates stadium saying; “Andrei, We’ve got somewhere you can really put a shift in…Block D toilets. What’s Russian for plunger?”

The billboard has been a big hit on Twitter with much discussion around the billboard, most of the discussion has been laughing at Chelsea with Chelsea fan @Mourinhoesque tweeting; “Paddy power having a go at our £50m striker formerly known as Fernando Torres. If you haven’t seen that billboard trolling Torres. Lol.” When Paddy Power tweeted on the 17 February from their @paddypower account saying; “We have a special message for Fernando Torres next to Stamford Bridge today;)” They received over 200 retweets.

The betting giant caused controversy in the 2012 European Championships, after Denmark and Arsenal striker Niklas Bendtner lifted up his shirt and slightly pulled down his pants, displaying Paddy Power embrossed pants. The striker was fined £80,000 for the stunt by UEFA but this was paid by the betting company, a small drop in the ocean for the amount of publicity they received.

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