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New 'Tribal' Liverpool third strip splits Premler League fans opinions - Candidate for dodgiest kit ever?

Laurie Havelock     on 06 Jul 9:06 pm     Football     1,010   0  

Source: Huffington Post

Liverpool's third kit has been unveiled by American manufacturers Warrior, marking the end of a six-year stint with adidas, yet provoking much of twitter and fans further abroad.

The kit apparently takes inspiration from previous goalkeeper kits, but boldly includes a 'tribal' design on white sleeves alongside a deep purple shirt. Due for release on the 2nd August of this year, the kit will be used during Liverpool's European campaign and a few Premier League games. At least they can be sure that it won't clash with many other teams' strips.

Fan opinion remains split on the emergence of the kit. @VA_Bleek described it as 'Cringeworthy' whilst it put @SillySeason right off their dinner, as they tweeted that they coudn't 'eat after watching Liverpool's third kit.. It must be illegal in some countries right?'.

@Volumefour magnanimously suggested that an alternative 'tye-died Liverpool kit would be mega' before signing off as a 'grateful red'. @QurzX was quick to point out that, despite any unrest over the new kit, 'LFC's kit sponsorship is 3rd biggest in the world', meaning that any potential embarrassment would be quickly offset by the comforting presence of a few million pounds.

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