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NBA YouTube channel celebrates 1 billion views with video montage

PhilParsons     on 11 Dec 11:59 am     Basketball     314   0  

Source: YouTube

The NBA celebrated the incredible milestone of one billion YouTube views with a video showing a selection of clips that have made the channel so successful.

The NBA became the first professional sports league to partner with YouTube in 2005, and the partnership continues to grow following the announcement of the new NBA Development League channel the NBA have launched. The NBA has paved the way for other major sports leagues to launch their own YouTube channels, and emphasised the importance of social media when they offered cash rewards to NBA players with good social media.

The short video gives fans the opportunity to re-live a series of memorable moments, and shows just some of the viral clips that have helped the channel’s view count rocket to one billion. Trick-shots, jaw-dropping slam-dunks and off-court banter all feature, and Shaquille O’Neal’s dance moves prove a highlight in this light-hearted, entertaining video.

Click the link below to watch the celebratory video


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