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Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov uses Facebook to tell fans about his plans to leave the Red Devils for a new club

LekeSanusi     on 15 Jul 6:15 pm     Football     422   0  


Former Tottenham and Bayer Leverkusen forward, Dimitar Berbatov, has endured a difficult twelve months at Manchester United.

The £30 million signing from Spurs has found it difficult to break into the United first team, at times struggling to even make the bench.

Berbatov has since been linked with a move away from Manchester, with his former side, Leverkusen expressing an interest.

United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson recently denied this, saying of the forward:

"Nothing has happened with Dimitar and he’ll join the tour to South Africa and China."

"He’s a fantastic footballer. It wasn’t a great season for him last season, partly because I settled more with Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck… and Chicharito."

"I don’t think I treated Dimitar unfairly but he can feel disappointed that he didn’t get more football. He’s a fantastic talent."

Berbatov, however, has taken the unconventional step of using the social networking site, Facebook, to air his thoughts, shedding some light on his future. The Bulgarian wrote on the site:

"Because i am tired of speculation, i am talling (sic) you this. I read the papers and i see they say 10 million pounds is my price."

"I go and talk with Sir Alex, and he says to me 5 million..So who is talling the truth, what do you think??"

"And the truth is, I love this club, but i am not going to be useful to anyone, if i am not playing. And i want to play, i want to help. But for unknown reasons its not going to happen, or my chances will be limited, so it's better for everyone if we say goodbay."

"If not, i am professional and i will keep doing everything i can, to help my team and my teammates, whenever i have opportunity to do so."

Berbatov's statement can be read on his Facebook page:

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