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Manchester United announce Ryan Giggs contract extension via Facebook account

Rbritton     on 01 Mar 11:05 am     Football     415   0  

Source: @ManUtd_Fact Twitter Account

Premier League and Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs has signed a one-year extension on his remaining contract, which will see him play on until the end of next season, news announced this morning via the club's official Facebook account.

The announcement comes on the eve of, potentially, Giggs’ 1,000th game for the club and his contract extension will see the Welsh winger play beyond his 40th birthday, and remarkably his 23rd season at the club. The post made by the Facebook account said, "Ryan Giggs has signed a 1-year extension with the club and will play next season for the Reds Send Giggsy your best wishes here...”

The Facebook page has over 31 million likes, and the post of Giggs' contract extension alone reached over 37,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments of United fans sending their best wishes in just over half an hour. One of the comments that gained the most attention via the Facebook feed, which received the most likes (three), was by Man United fan Gabriel Thomas who posted;

“Manchester City, 14 trophies since 1880. Chelsea, 24 trophies since 1905. Ryan Giggs, 34 trophies since 1991. #LEGEND..”

With the news of Giggs playing on for another season, @ManUtd_Fact tweeted a photo with some astonishing facts, with the photo was a comment that read, "The age of some of #ManUtd's players the day Ryan Giggs made his debut for the club." This tweet received more than 233 retweets from their account alone, and has been a viral hit with Man United fans on Twitter over the past few days.

As with most breaking sports news nowadays, Giggs’ new deal was discussed by all and sundry across digital platforms with fans, players and pundits alike coming together to talk all things Giggsy.

Former England and Man United striker Michael Owen was one of the first current players to comment on the news, tweeting; “Giggs has signed a 1 year extension at United. By the time he quits, it will be impossible for anybody to ever attain the stats he has.”

Gary Lineker also got involved and added; “Ryan Giggs signs for another year at MUFC. A quite extraordinary achievement. The man is defying Father time.” This tweet received over 600 re-tweets alone, showing Lineker’s immense following and the interest around Giggs.

With Man United yet to create an official Twitter account, the Facebook page and website ( are the only main sources of news straight from the club online. Despite Manchester United having the third largest fan base on Facebook, behind Real Madrid in 2nd and Barcelona in 1st with nearly 41 million likes, they haven’t been able to engage through other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, despite their worldwide following. The Red Devils have done work with BetFair’s YouTube account over the past few years, but they are yet to fully commit to social media as much as they could potentially influence it with such a large, global fan-base.

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