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Katie Simmonds becomes world's first licensed rugby agent

Michael Grime     on 24 Apr 12:08 pm     Rugby Union     2,500   2  

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"You had me at hello" might well take on a new meaning for rugby stars as the world's first licensed female rugby agent has entered the business. Working for a legal firm in Leeds, Front Row Legal, Katie Simmonds has set her sights high as she outlined her ambitions in a recent interview with the Yorkshire Post:

“Sportsmen have a lot of spare time on their hands and it’s about maximising their potential. For instance, if a player is blessed with good looks I might encourage them to look into modelling." She continued, “I’d like to develop what I’ve started and I’d love to branch out into football. The perfect scenario would be acting for the next Wayne Rooney,” she laughs. “I want to be at the point where I am acting mainly on behalf of sports clubs and players exclusively – just helping to make dreams happen.”

All sounds a bit like a Miss World speech - and she certainly has a glamorous look - but the ruthless ambition underlying her comments suggests she's ready to shake up the established sports management order. I'm sure there'll be a few players who'll be interested - although the WAGs might take issue!

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300 views and no comments! I'll refrain from passing judgement in her physical form but what's all this about getting Rugby stars modelling etc, have they not heard of the walking disaster is that moron Gavin Henson, I prime example of rugby played gone diva. We need to protect sports stars as sports stars.
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i think most comments had been shown the red card ;)
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