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Haye makes fun of brawl with Dereck Chisora in Munich with new iphone app

Hassan Izzo     on 21 May 10:17 am     Boxing     529   0  


In a move that David Haye himself has said will prove unpopular with some people, the heavyweight boxer has released an iPhone game in which he attacks his rival with a bottle.

Haye is actually still wanted for questioning by German police, following the much publicised brawl in which he lunged at Chisora with a bottle hidden in his glove at a news conference following Chisora's defeat to Vitali Klitschko in February.

Haye said: “So much fuss was made about the bottle in my hand in Munich that I decided to have some fun with it.

“People will moan about it but I have a simple message — keep your money in your pocket and don’t buy it.”

The app will intensify the controversy around the former world heavyweight champ's fight with Chisora on July 14 at London's Upton Park, which has been condemned by the World Boxing Council.

This isn't the first time David Haye has released an iphone app before a fight either, before losing to Wladimir Klitschko last year, he released a game app that allowed players to punch the head of the opponent.

As well as the app, Haye has also been vocal about Chisora's trainer. He had this to say about Don Charles, who also got caught up in the Munich brawl “Chisora has an idiotic coach called Don Charles, who has offered me out in a fight after I’ve broken his jaw at the press conference.

“He had his jaw wired. This is the guy who’s training him, so these are two idiots together, two buffoons.”

July 14th can't come soon enough.

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