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General Motors set to announce deal involving Chevrolet and Premier League's Manchester United

James Hendry     on 30 May 10:45 am     Football     412   0  

Source: Google

Following General Motors Co.’s announcement that they will no longer be advertising via Facebook and during the Super Bowl will instead turn their attention to marketing their brand around Chevrelot and English Premier League side Manchester United.

The world’s largest motor company has invited reporters to an announcement by both Chevrolet and Manchester United in Shanghai this Thursday, yet details surrounding the announcement are yet to be confirmed.

If the announcement were to be a sponsorship deal, GM would be able to promote its Chevrolet brand through Manchester United, as the 19-time Premier League champions are set to play two exhibition matches in China during pre-season this year.

United’s reported 659 million followers make it the world’s “most popular club” according to a study taken out last year.

“Our followers have doubled in five years,” according to United’s commercial director Richard Arnold.

“It is important to the club, not only commercial partnerships. It gives us a road map to understand what’s exactly going on.”

In turn, Chevrolet aren’t that unpopular themselves. The car manufacturer sold a record 4.76 millions vehicles globally last year and a connection between the two could be very prosperous for all parties involved.

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