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Full Interview: Former England wicket-keeper Paul Nixon talks social networking, England, South Africa, KP and "Keeping Quiet" with our very own Barnaby Read

Will Rivers     on 18 Jul 12:40 pm     Cricket     6,308   0  

Source: Barny Read

Former England cricketer Paul Nixon cricketer took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Anchorfan in an interview conducted over Twitter today. The former Leicestershire wicketkeeper fielded questions on social media, England v South Africa and he talks headgear after the incident which sadly saw Mark Boucher retire from the game. He also previews his brand new book “Keeping Quiet” which will hit the shelves soon. Here is Nico’s interview in full:

Anchorfan: “A lot of cricketers use social media, what sort of role do you think it plays in the sport & what are pros & cons of its use?”

Nixon: “Pros are instant answers to questions, advertising , chatting to all ......cons are its no privacy everyone knows what you are up to.”

Anchorfan: “ Have you been on the receiving end of 'trolling'? Would you like to see legislation in place to punish 'trolls'?”

Nixon: “ No I haven't really only one idiot but I think if it's strong enough people should be able to press charges ,people have huge issues then they should have them sorted !‪ Disgraceful.

Anchorfan: “Moving on to the much anticipated test series between‪ England and South Africa‬ that begins at the Oval tomorrow, are 3 tests enough?”

Nixon: “Yes I like that sometimes Less is more , keeps us all Hungary wanting more .... 3 is fine for me !”

Anchorfan: “The sides are billed as having the two best pace attacks in world cricket. Do you agree with @StewieCricket that it's how the respective batting line-ups deal w/ the oppositions attack that will win this series?”

Nixon: “yes the toss will be important as Eng will want to Bowl on wkts that have been covered up then Swanny can have last innings turn”

Anchorfan: “On that note, a Q from @um4mire ; Who will take more wickets, @JimmyAnderson9 or @DaleSteyn62 in this series?”

Nixon: “ Both great bowlers -Jimmy as he does far more with the ball. Wicket’s not that quick over here!”

Anchorfan: “This series will be overshadowed by the retirement of@markb46 (Mark Boucher) from international cricket. How big a loss is he from the game?

Nixon: “Huge loss mark is a fighter & all ways digs SA out of trouble just hope he gets back to close to 100% , great bloke! It’s a huge loss but if AB keeps wicket it may strengthen the batting lineup.”

Anchorfan: “His international career ended in tragic circumstances, how dangerous is 'keeping? Should 'keepers wear protective headgear more often?

Nixon: “Wicketkeepers should wear some form of protection. I liked Clear glasses & gum shield as helmet was unnatural for me .You have to be comfortable”

Anchorfan: “What are your thoughts on the retirement of@kevinpp24 (Kevin Pietersen) from ODIs? Are the ECB right with their stance on consistency or should @kevinpp24 be allowed to only play T20Is or be released for full 6-weeks of IPL as suggested?”

Nixon: “It's tough. England used to be the most money not its not! It should be but India changed that .... Eng have to respect KP”

Anchorfan: “On to ‪#countycricket‬ & your former clubs @leicsccc &@kentcricket How do you rate both sides' chances of success this year?”

Nixon: “Leicestershire are rebuilding and need a huge finish to the season. Kent have more of a chance.”

Anchorfan: “And who is your one to watch this season from the domestic game? ‪”

Nixon: James Taylor…again

Anchorfan: “It's surely a matter of time before he comes good, so much potential. You're book 'Keeping Quiet' is out now. What can fans expect from the book? I imagine a funny, honest appraisal of self/game.”

Nixon: “Yes it's jam packed of stories, characters, my battle with dyslexia, family Tragedy, match fixing "Pedalos" England stuff & IVF! It's honest about big players from Hansie to Steve Waugh & many many of the world’s great players.”

Anchorfan: “It sounds packed Thank you very much for your time today Paul, I hope you enjoyed it & we look forward to speaking again soon.”

Nixon: “Absolute pleasure, thank you.”

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