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Frank Schleck becomes the latest Tour de France star to fail a doping test

Will Rivers     on 17 Jul 8:22 pm     Other Sports     460   0  

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RadioShack rider Frank Schleck has tested positive for a banned substance during the Tour de France according to the International Cycling Union.

The cyclist from Luxembourg has testes positive for a banned diuretic called Xipomide, causing the UCI to wish him to leave the Tour.

In a statement made today, the UCI said: "Earlier today, the UCI advised the Luxembourger rider Frank Schleck of an adverse analytical finding (presence of the diuretic Xipamide...) in the urine sample collected from him at an in competition test at the Tour de France on 14 July 2012."

The news furthers dents the sport’s integrity with 7-time Tour winner Lance Armstrong also under investigation for doping. Fans of cycling and of sport in general are disgusted by the latest scandal.

“For first time ever I've really enjoyed and got into #tdf this year.Schleck news (rains) on that parade. I give up” said an angry Jon Rest on Twitter.

“Shocked and disappointed to hear about Fränk Schleck. I hope the b-test shows another story” tweeted Sarah Knudsen.

Matt Berg also tweeted: “Great, one of the the #Schleck brothers is a doper. These dudes were smoking on #letour! Man up! Quit cheating.”

Schleck, who came third in last year’s tour, now has the right to request an analysis of his B sample before any sanctions are made.

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