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France head coach Laurent Blanc wades into Rio Ferdinand and England row

Ashley Lambell     on 07 Jun 12:38 pm     Football     322   0  

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France head coach Laurent Blanc has had his say on the omission of Rio Ferdinand from the England squad by claiming that the Manchester United defender was left out for something other than ‘footballing reasons’.

Blanc told a recent news conference that he believed the decision had not been based on sport and that Roy Hodgson’s choice to leave Ferdinand out of the squad was ‘surprising’ as the defender is still an ‘excellent player’.

Plenty of people have taken to Twitter to voice the opinion that Blanc is only attempting to stir up trouble in the England camp ahead of their meeting with his France side in Donetsk on Monday.

Matt Mansfield tweeted: “Looks like everyone's weighing in on this Rio "scandal", but I suspect Laurent Blanc is only doing so for the purposes of mind games.”

Another supporter, Tashii, had a more blunt view on the situation and tweeted: “Laurent Blanc trying to stir things up in the England camp ahead of the groups. The Rio situation is nothing to do with him.”

It seems fairly obvious to the wider audience that the France boss is trying to create some sort of tension in the English camp but with Hodgson sticking to his guns and Ferdinand still sitting at home, it seems unlikely to make any sort of difference.

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