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Euro 2012 & NASCAR continue to demonstrate the power of social media

Oscar Chamberlain     on 25 Jun 3:15 pm     Football     519   0  

Source: Twitter

The use of Twitter has grown phenomenally over the the past few years and the links with sport have had a direct impact on its growth and success.

Where as in previous years the social networking site was mainly used by journalists to publish bite size news pieces, now sportsman, celebrities and even the common man use the site to give regular updates.

This leads us too curated places for specific events, such as the new page titled ' This page is designed to display the "best and most relevant tweets from commentators, broadcasters, journalists, players, former players and lots more."

The page also collects photos from around the Twittersphere, allowing you too see all the latest relevant pictures in one stream. Friday's quarter final between Greece and Germany was the first to take place since the page launch and you can access the page by simply searching '#Euro2012'.

Euro 2012 has been the most social football tournament to date, pundits and players who are both participating and watching have been out in full voice throughout the duration.

One of the main positives is that it has allowed the fans to interact with the stars when previously they could not, and in an age where footballers are becoming more and more isolated from the fans, Twitter is helping to bridge the gap.

In a recent interview head of David Farrelly spoke with Mashable to discuss the growing impact of social media within football, and how they've had to adapt to incorporate the platform.

“If you sat in our editorial office and watched how we work now compared to four years ago, it’s not as much about writing news and adding photos with the user almost in a lean-back mode,” he told Mashable. “Now it’s a different type of engagement where we’re using the power of the Internet to start the story on the social web.”

Farrelly also believes that the social emphasis has paid off, with their Facebook page adding more than 350,000 more likes since the beginning of the tournament. They're also set to use Twitter more with Farrelly stating that one of their reporters will have his tweets featured by Twitter's official sports account.

Much like Anchorfan, UEFA use Facebook and Twitter to push their latest news stories and pictures to gain more traffic to the site, but one would be surprised about where their hits come from with the USA often placing in the top four accounting for an average of 11% of hits, according to stats on the Mashable website.

The social networking site has also struck a partnership with NASCAR which was announced during a joint press conference in May.

Unlike the arrangement with NASCAR, #Euro2012 is not an official partnership but a Twitter spokesman revealed that UEFA are supportive of the initiative, which could mean a deal within football could be struck in the future.

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