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Euan Burton subjected to harsh BBC interview after Judo loss

David James     on 31 Jul 5:00 pm     Olympics     1,061   0  

Source: Telegraph

Twitter users and fans alike have rounded on the BBC over their handling of interviewees during the Olympics, with GB’s Euan Burton the latest victim.

Burton had just been knocked out of the -81kg Judo competition by Canada’s Antoine Valois-Fortier when he was rounded on by BBC reporter Leon Mann.

Paul Dollery (@PaulDollery) sums it up: ‘BBC Olympic interviews have been a bit intrusive. Euan Burton just beaten in judo, in tears and they've got a mic in his face within seconds.’

Geoff Atkin (@Geoff_Atkin) likened the interviewer’s style to another off the cuff reporter:’ Euan Burton getting some Geoff Shreeves style treatment on the bbc....’

Swaffette Firefly (@swaffette) makes a valid point: ‘@BBC interviewer way to harsh on Euan Burton i felt so sorry for the guy - surely they know these sportsmen already feel bad@teamgb

Burton told the BBC whilst in floods of tears: ‘I feel like I've let myself down, let my coaches down, let everybody I've ever trained with down, let my mum and dad and brother down."

He later added: It's probably the end of my Olympic career. I'm pretty sure you won't see me in Rio.’

Twitter users rushed to Burton’s defence:

Bianca Westwood (@beewestwood) tweeted: ‘Gutted for Euan Burton in the judo. Heart-breaking post-match interview too. Didn't let anyone down!! @TeamGB.’

Chris Miller (@MrCCMiller) has plenty of sympathy for Burton:’ Blinking back the tears after watching Euan Burton's magnanimous post-defeat interview. Top man. Terrible shame.

The BBC get some words of advice from Emma Paulton (@Drpoults) :’Why do BBC reporters force our athletes to emotional breaking point?! Poor Euan Burton! Give him some time & space to gather himself!’

Reporter Leon Mann (@Leon_Mann) later tweeted: 'Just seen my Euan Burton interview has been aired. One of the toughest I've done. Really felt for him.

Appreciate the feedback on Euan Burton interview. I'll watch it back and take on all your comments. Certainly didn't want to be insensitive.'

Burton has been Great Britain’s most consistent performer in the sport finishing 7th at the Beijing Olympics. GB haven’t won a medal in Judo since Kate Howley won silver in Sydney.

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