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Dimitar Berbatov shows off drawing flair on Facebook

Source: Facebook

Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov is well known for his silky skills and striking prowess and his cool image on and off the pitch but he’s wowed fans by publishing a series of sketches on his Facebook page.

The Bulgarian has posted the impressive drawings of celebrities such as Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, the actor and rapper Snoop Dogg and House star Hugh Laurie. He has posted the sketches over a number of months and his 1.4m fans have reacted well with over 46,000 likes and 3000 shares.

He told his fans on the site; “When I see something on the web and I like it, I try and draw it. In this case one of my favourite hip hop artists Snoop Dogg. If U like it, I’ll put up some more.”

When Berbatov does eventually hang up his boots, he could go into art as his next career move as clearly he does have the talent, judging by the sketches he’s made.

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