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Cardiff fans vent fury on Twitter over red shirt rebranding by club's Malaysian owners

Michael Landon     on 06 Jun 10:45 am     Football     439   0  

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Cardiff face a huge backlash from fans after sensationally confirming they will be swapping their traditional blue kit for a new red design.

Cardiff owners Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Dato Chan Tien Ghee have won their battle to change the club’s home shirt colour to red, in the hope it will attract a bigger following in Asia.

The Malaysian moneymen have in turn ‘pledged their continuing commitment to enable the club to plan for the future’.

Suggestion of changing Cardiff’s home strip caused outrage among Bluebirds fans back in May, but the Championship side claim extensive research has convinced them to push ahead with the shake-up, which is also thought to include a change of nickname to ‘the Dragons’.

A statement on the club’s website read: ‘Following a comprehensive review of wider supporter feedback via email, letters, media coverage and polls run via the official Supporters Club and Media Wales and as a consequence of the above commitment, Cardiff City Football Club will reactivate rebranding proposals with a view to exploiting and maximising its brand and commercial revenues in international markets, which it is hoped in turn will bring success to the club locally, whilst also attracting new partners and investors.’

Cardiff fans flocked to social networks after images of the new kit were released on the club’s website, with many outraged over the radical transformation.

@GillyClarkeMCFC tweeted: 'Think Cardiff fans should boycott buying the "Home kit" and buy the Away kit and make their stadium a sea of blue for the season #ccfc'

‘Cardiff City shirt change is ridiculous and makes a mockery of the history of the club. Embarrassing,’ added @davidhodgson10.

‘Cardiff had 2 options, try different things to generate revenue or spiral into the debts of Pompey/Rangers. Kudos for trying,’ said Twitter user @_the12thMan.

While @brucemillington added: 'As a football fan I find the idea of changing home kit from blue to red far more offensive than changing stadium name #cardiff

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