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Bleak accomodation awaits England as they travel to Euro 2012 base camp in Krakow

Chrisallen     on 06 Jun 11:36 am     Football     271   0  

Source: @danroan

The England team are due to arrive at their base in Krakow, Poland at 16:30 this afternoon.

Roy Hodgson’s men travel to the country on the back of wins in Norway and Belgium.

BBC’s sports news correspondent Dan Roan Tweeted pictures of Hotel Stary in Krakow, where the England side will be spending the majority of the tournament.

This city-based accommodation differs starkly from England’s disastrous World Cup campaign in South Africa.

In 2010 the players resided in the north west of South Africa close to Rustenburg, in near total seclusion.

Hodgson has taken a more relaxed approach to this tournament allowing the players out into Krakow at certain times, in contrast with the strict isolation policy in South Africa.

England have also unwittingly gained a 24th squad member; a kitten found its way into the picture of the teams hotel again tweeted by Dan Roan.

The national side seem to be attracting animals recently; many fans will remember the Bird sitting on the Crossbar as the highlight of England’s group stage game with Algeria.

There have also been animal related incidents in the premier league this season, with a cat seen at Anfield and a Chicken smuggled into Ewood Park.

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