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'BabelCopter' takes off again, and Ryan Babel reckons Adam may be on his way

SeanDudley     on 30 Aug 4:11 pm     Football     4,853   0  

Source: @RyanBabel

With the last 24 hours of the Transfer window about to begin, Twitter has seen the return of the ‘Babelcopter’, with Ryan Babel himself to thank for bringing it back.

The former Liverpool man tweeted “#BabelCopter should be a trending topic for today !!! Who will use it to move to another club !!!”

Babel then tweeted “Charlie Adam put a request in for the #BabelCopter”, ribbing Liverpool’s Scottish midfielder on his account @RyanBabel.

Babel, who now plays for 1899 Hoffenheim in Germany, gained a large following on Twitter during his time at Anfield, and currently has just over 405,000 followers. The #BabelCopter hashtag was trending in the Liverpool area according to @TrendsLiverpool, with many fans keen to see the back of Charlie Adam, who has not been a success at the historic club.

The BabelCopter came about after Ryan Babel took a helicopter down to West Ham to discuss a transfer there on deadline day, but the move eventually fell through. Now every Liverpool signing is jokingly said to be coming into Liverpool on the BabelCopter, and it even has its own Twitter account, @TheBabelCopter.

Dan Roach ‏@Danroachlfc asked about the BabelCopter and Charlie Adam: “Does it go as high as his pens??”

And Proudest Uncle Ever ‏(@JohnnyMcYNWA) tweeted “One way ticket on the #babelcopter for Mr S Downing, Anfield, Liverpool to be taken as far away as possible #lfc”

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