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Athletes Arrive at the London 2012 Olympic Village

David James     on 18 Jul 2:25 pm     Olympics     485   0  

Source: Google

The Olympic village is in the news today as athletes start to move in this week.

Freestyle Diver Tom Daley (@TomDaley1994) who has already settled in commented on his new room: ‘My room in the Olympic village all decorated :) heading back to Southend now for our pre-camp...back on the 25th :D.’

GB hockey player Georgie Twigg (@georgietwigg) exclaims: ‘And we're off!! Bus all packed, Olympic village here we come!#london2012. ‘

New Zealand Mens hockey player Nick Wilson (@Nickwilson32) is excited: ‘Olympic Village today! Great to get out of Lier, Belgium. First to Brussels then train to London!’

Footballer Tom Cleverley (@tomclevz23) can’t wait to get there: ‘Just packed my bags to hit the olympic village tommorrow. Looking forward to the experience #olympics #london2012.’

American diver David Boudia (@davidboudia) comments: ‘The Olympic Village in @London2012 is awesome! Phenomenal job.’

Doctor Trisha Greenhalgh (@trishagreenhalgh) has her own take on what the atmosphere in the village is like: ‘Olympic Village. 100+ countries represented already. 100+ sets of ideas, concerns and expectations about illness and the role of the GP.’

Though according to musician Tom Milsom (@hexachordal), there may not be sweet dreams all round: ‘oh my god the beds for the athletes in the olympic village are 5 feet 8 inches long, meaning 90% of the athletes are too long for them.’

Though due to the heavy congestion on the roads, some athletes have had to wait longer than others to get to the village.

The Guardian’s Olympic editor Owen Gibson (@owen_g) talked about his journey: ‘Double decker taking media to the Olympic Village is lost. We've turned around now.’

Rugby player Melanie Antao’s (@MelanieAntao) journey to the village took longer than expected: ‘It's not taking an hour to get to the Olympic village from Heathrow!‪#stuckintraffic‬ in the ‪#olympiclanes‬ with my team!’

It could be worse though, this guy could be in charge: ‘To ensure swift transferage from Heathrow to Olympic Village, athletes will be presented with a Boris bike on arrival #TwentyTwelve#waytogo.’-Hugh Bonneville (@hughbon).

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